Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for enjoying your Air Show day!

Q - What time do the gates open?
A - The gates open at 9AM. The show begins at 11AM.

Q - Is there a provision for privately owned aircraft to park?
A - All civilian aircraft would need to coordinate with AVPort at prior to the show. Please visit our Fly-In page for more information about participating.


Q - Is there RV parking available?

A- YES! Parking for RVs will be in the Quonset Air Museum (488 Eccleston Ave, North Kingstown, RI 02852) parking lot beginning Friday June 8 at 0800.


Q- Do I need a parking pass for RV parking?

A - No. Limited parking is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Q - What time does the show start?
A - The show begins at 11AM.

Q - Can you bring lawn chairs?
A - Yes. Lawn chairs, camp chairs, and blankets are allowed. Lounge chairs are not permitted. Please keep in mind that EVERYTHING is subject to search.

Q - Is there a charge for admission or parking?
A - NO! Admission to the show and parking is absolutely FREE! There will be a $10 donation collected at the entrance gates to support Hasbro Children's Hospital but is is purely voluntary.

Q - Which day will the Blue Angels perform?
A - Both! They will perform their amazing demonstrations both days (weather permitting).

Q - Is there parking for buses available?
A - Yes.

Q - Will there be a shuttle from the parking areas?
A - Yes. There will be shuttle service to and from the offsite parking lots all day.

Q - Can I leave and re-enter the Air Show?
A - Yes.

Q - Are coolers permitted?
A - No coolers are not permitted.

Q - Are cameras and video recorders allowed?
A - Yes, you may bring cameras and video recorders into the show. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING is subject to search.

Q - Can I bring an umbrella?
A - Umbrellas are permitted. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING is subject to search.

Q - Do you have bleacher seating available?
A - No. We do not have bleacher seating at the show.

Q - Can I get a schedule of events?
A - A tentative schedule will be posted as we get closer to the show. Keep in mind that this schedule will change constantly until the day of the show. The final schedule will be available in the souvenir program at all of the gates and throughout the show line.

Q - What is a static display?
A - A static display is an aircraft that is on display inside the spectator area. It is not an aircraft that will perform in the show but it will be available to view and take pictures.

Q - Is there shade?
A - There are areas of shade available throughout the flight line. Take a walk through one of our larger static displays to get a break from the sun.

Q - Are pets allowed?
A - Sorry, there are no pets allowed except for service animals (seeing eye dogs, etc.)

Q - How do I obtain information about becoming a sponsor?
A - There are many sponsorship opportunities. Please visit our become a sponsor page or you can contact us directly to learn about becoming a show sponsor.

Q - Can a company buy VIP tickets without being a sponsor?
A - No. A company must be a contributor to be able to potentially gain access to the VIP chalet tickets. Contact us to learn about becoming a show sponsor.

Q - How does a vendor receive permission to sell food/wares?
A - All requests for information on becoming a vendor or providing services should be directed to

Q - Will the show be televised?
A - Currently there are no plans for the show to be recorded to be shown at a later date. The show will not be broadcast live.

Q - How do I get a media pass for the show?
A - Register as media here.

Q - What happens if it rains?
A - In the event of rain some flying demonstrations may be delayed or postponed, however, unless the weather poses serious threat to the safety of the visitors and participants, the show will proceed as scheduled with some modifications.

Q - Where can I stay overnight?
A - There are numerous motels and hotels available in the local area. It is suggested that visitors make reservations as early as possible. A good resource for finding lodging in the local area is

Q - Can I bring food?
A - Food can be brought into the show, however, it cannot be carried in a cooler and all bags are subject to search.

A list of approved items includes:
Small purses or fanny packs
Cameras and/or camcorders with "small" camera bags
Diaper bags
Baby strollers
Small lawn chairs or camp chairs (no lounge chairs)
Wheelchairs, canes, guide/working dogs to assist disabled individuals
Water in unopened clear plastic bottles only (all other liquids are prohibited)